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Stake YOUR Claim in the Growing $50 Billion Pet Industry!

Here are a few statistics to help you see the home business potential in the pet industry:


Pretty amazing statistics! And most sources say that the industry will continue to grow through 2013. While spending in some areas of the pet industry will decline, like in non-pet food and non-veterinary spending, health spending including higher-quality pet foods, treats and supplements should remain recession-resistant because consumers see that type of spending as non-discretionary. In the long run, health issues caused by poor nutrition or inadequate veterinary care play a big role in pet owners buying decisions.

Read more on pet health spending...



What do Burger King, IHOP, MTV, Trader Joe's and LexisNexis have in common?

While it may sound counterintuitive, starting a home business in a weak economy can be the best time to start. All these businesses and more started in recessions or economic slumps. The time to start your home business in NOW!



Your Life is Determined by Your Choices

Ask yourself these questions:

Every day we make choices, both big and small. Starting a home business, or any business for that matter, can be a difficult and scary undertaking, but the rewards can be amazing.



...And We'll Help You Make the RIGHT Choice!

Home Business GroupIf you are interested in making a choice to change your life, and the live's of our pets, for the better then any one of our home business opportunities is the right choice for you. These business opportunities are NOT a get-rich-quick or pyramid scheme. You're NOT trying to sell your friends, relatives and neighbors a new insurance policy, unneeded telecommunication services, over-priced health drinks or only making money with sign up bonuses for people you recruit into a "business".

Our home business opportunities are a true "work and get rewarded" business. Rewarded financially and in knowing you're helping to educate people on superior pet care products. There are no boundaries when it comes to who can participate. Young or old. Full-time or part-time. These opportunities to work from home are a perfect fit for anyone, especially pet lovers like you!

Network marketing is also one of the best home-based businesses. It is a selling method that not only rewards you for recommending and selling high quality products, it also allows you to build a team of representatives so you can earn from your efforts and the efforts of others.

Most importantly, in network marketing you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. When you join our growing group of hard working, pet-loving people, it takes only an email or phone call to get the help you need to help make your business a success.



Dog with MoneyThe Pet Industry is Booming!

Even with all the talk of a down economy, people are still spending money on their pets! Good nutrition, high quality foods, exercise all play an important role in a long and happy life. That's why we are pleased to be able to offer you these three home business opportunities to choose from. All of our home businesses are designed to provide pets with high quality products from reputable manufacturers. Take a look at each business opportunity below and choose the one that's right for you...or choose all three!



Home Business Opportunity #1

Opportunity #1

Life's Abundance Pet ProductsHelp pets stay healthy and hopefully live a longer, fuller life with the incredible pet health and nutrition products from Life's Abundance. Join a growing group of Life's Abundance distributors who are excited about this opportunity and want to make every pet owner know about the high quality, holistic veterinarian-formulated Life's Abundance products. Not only will you have the ability to recommend a better pet food and treats to pet owners, you'll also have access to the other people and safe planet products they have available.

The remarkable thing about this opportunity is that you're not trying to make people buy unnecessary juices, potions or other types of items. Since pet owners are already buying food and treats for their pets, it's easy to simply recommend a more healthy and nutritionally complete food and healthier treats. Click the 'Details' button for complete information and be sure to watch the pet food video as well as the opportunity videos near the bottom of the page. A perfect opportunity for pet professionals (veterinarians, groomers, sitters, etc..), too!

Even if you feel this home business isn't for you, do your pets a favor and switch them to a better food by visiting the Life's Abundance site.




Home Business Opportunity #2


PetCentrxNot only do our pets need a good diet with a quality pet food, but they can also benefit from supplements as well. Scientifically developed and veterinarian recommended, PetCentrx's Vim & Vigor AM and PM proprietary formulas are tasty treats dog and cats will look forward to twice a day. Vim & Vigor is a unique proprietary blend of the purest natural ingredients and highest grade, scientifically engineered nutraceuticals ever formulated. As an Independent Pet Care Consultant (IPCC) you can recommend these highly nutritious supplements and build a network of people who also want to promote health and nutrition in pets. Veterinarians can take advantage of the program with a no-cost retail program that increases front office profits or even create a profit sharing program for their staff.

These products can also be part of a profitable fundraising program for non-profits like animal shelters, pet rescues, etc...

Even if this opportunity isn't for you consider supplementing your pet's diet with these highly nutritious products.




Home Business Opportunity #3

Herbal Supplements

Website Owners ONLY. If you have an existing website and want to generate additional income with a great affiliate program geared toward natural herbal remedies for people and pets, then this is your opportunity. The Native Remedies and PetAlive program is FREE to join as long as you have a qualifying website. You'll also have access to a wide variety of text links and banner ads so you can get started quickly.


You can still take a look at the incredible natural remedies for your pets even if you don't have a website. Look at products here.



Questions or want to know more?

If you are looking for a business that can change your life and enhance the lives of others click here or if you would prefer your questions answered personally, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you join or growing group of pet lovers and home business entrepreneurs!

Jim Klymus
Life's Abundance Independent Distributor #40017955



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